A Song for the Burros 2014 - Song Contest

Write a Song about the Wild Burros and win our contest!

Put your talent to use for a great cause and win $500.00 as the grand prize, be on our Burro Benefit CD, and have a video produced to support your winning song.  Ten finalists will be selected by a team of judges. The ultimate contest winner will be chosen by our WBRPP team and the judges. Songs will be judged based on originality, melody, composition and lyrics.  The contest winner will receive a prize of $500.00 and WBRPP will produce a video of the winning song. The ten songs of the finalists will be published as a Music compilation (CD or digital) benefiting WBRPP.

The burros have been a means of transportation in the Wild West of yore, some burros are said to have come to north America with the first humans via the Behring strait many thousands of years ago. Most recently the burros were "imported" from Spain and came to North America in the early 1500's and served as beast of burdon for many centuries.  The donkey population, abandoned after the appearance of different means of transportation in modern times, began to live in the wilderness and today the Wild Burros are officially protected. In reality they are being hunted and killed in many parts of the US. That is why Burro Sanctuaries like the Wild Burro Rescue and Preservation Project were established.  Here the Wild Burros have a chance to survive and even thrive, because they live in a loving environment.